COVERAGE:  Reliable coverage of over 1,52 networks in 215 countries, our solutions leverage on a network of direct connections with the Operators to deliver messages from mobile business applications to mobile subscribers across the globe

WEB SMS: Our web-based application that lets you send SMS messages to your end users directly from a web browser. These messages can be sent directly to your users either individually or via groups, to wherever they are and from wherever you might be. This application is also capable of receiving SMS messages through the SMS inbox, giving a greater and clearer overview of dialogues between you and your end user


QUICK GUIDE TO WEB SMS:  Start by completing a simple registration process, then login to the Portal and purchase the desired amount of credits. You may begin communicating with your customers, colleagues and friends through SMS.  We would be glad to walk you through all the necessary steps in order to familiarize yourself with the interface


INTERNATIONAL BULK MESSAGING: A cost-effective messaging solution that enables one-way broadcasting with huge volume messages across a greater network


  • Supports fixed ID originators

  • Supports text, binary and Unicode data transmission

  • Supports concatenated messages

  • Provides full Delivery Receipts (DR) for each SMS message

  • Allows managed messaging throughput up to 80 SMS/second

  • Supports Mobile Number Portability (MNP)


INTERNATIONAL PREMIUM MESSAGING: A two-way more mobile messaging service that enables application-to-mobile and mobile-to-application functions that enable customers to request for or retrieve information on demand. These requests will be charged directly to the end users through an integrated billing system.  Rather than just connectivity with this service, we provide market know-how, interactive applications, a unique billing system and technical support



  • Intelligent Charge and Reverse Billing

  • Shared dedicated short code

  • Real-time monitoring of service revenues

  • Multiple countries with a single connection

  • Multiple currency reconciliation

  • 24 hour user accessibility

TECHNICAL SUPPORT:  We offer 24/7 Technical Support all over the world to assist you at all times

solutions in mobile marketing and communications


  • Ready made user interface

  • Send SMS messages to individuals or multiple recipients

  • Create and manage contacts and groups

  • Set Sender ID and create personalized messages

  • Send branded SMS messages

  • Get SMS delivery reports

  • Create and manage user sub-accounts

  • Schedule messages to be sent at a later date

  • Receives replies to messages that have been sent

  • Free registration and no start up costs

  • No monthly fees

  • Pay-as-you-use basis

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