Adeline Choo, Managing Principal


Seasoned & well-travelled, Adeline Choo has a wealth of over 22 years experience in driving strategic growth & product visibility for corporate, fashion, financial institutions, FMCG, hospitality, lifestyle, music App on mobile platform for telecommunications & property industries. 


With strong entrepreneurial spirit & mindset that thinks out of the box, Adeline has advised global brands specifically on achieving brand atmospherics & enhancing customer experience through Environmental Branding, also popularly known as Sensory Branding.

Having been successfully appointed as an Aggregator in Mobile Marketing and Communications, ADELINECHOO CONSULTING focuses in offering world class solutions in Short Text Messaging (SMS) solutions and has the technology to generate automated One Time Passwords (OTP). With a wide coverage of over 1,527 networks in 215 countries, our messaging solutions leverage on direct connections with network operators to deliver messages from mobile business applications to mobile subscribers across the globe.

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